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Enjoy the low costs of offshoring without sacrificing quality or service.

If you want great prices on your food packaging and supply products but you’re not getting the high level of quality of service you deserve, then you need a supply partner who understands that you can have it all. Saneck offers a program built for today’s global market – a program that will help you get the best prices backed by a sterling reputation for quality control and distribution.

The difference is that Saneck is an offshore manufacturer, not just an importer. A family-owned, US-based company, we own and operate the manufacturing plants where your products are made, so we control quality, production and logistics overseas as well as here in the United States. We watch over your products from the time the raw materials are sourced until the finished product is delivered to your door.

When you need stock retail bags within 48 hours, are looking for custom retail bags and racks, or a company to distribute your products nationally, please contact us. We will get the job done for you!