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Mission Statement

Saneck specializes in providing retail bags and racks with national distribution to end users and distributors across the USA.

Saneck is a family-owned company and we proudly stand by our high-quality product, low prices, national distribution network, and excellent customer service.

We look forward to working with you!

SANECK is dedicated to being a leading manufacturer within the grocery and retail industries,
where exceptional quality and service are our primary goals.

SANECK focuses its efforts toward complete customer satisfaction
and this has made SANECK a leader in supplying the grocery and retail industries.

SANECK keeps up with the changes in the marketplace and offers our partners:
EDI WINS capabilities, barcode scanning, and value-added services such as VALUE GROCERY and RETAIL programs.

SANECK believes that our success in service excellence and
continued commitment to providing superior, high-quality products makes SANECK the logical choice!