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Sustainability Initiative

Saneck is embarking on a Sustainability Initiative by developing a comprehensive program of improvements creating a system offering processes and products that are safe for employees, consumer, and the environment.

We are advancing in supplying market-driven products that are tuned to new and evolving eco-friendly habits of consumption and accelerating the use of technological innovations and partnering with like-minded business associates with the goal of minimizing the carbon footprint throughout a product life-cycle while remaining economically viable and competitive in the marketplace.



√ Developing eco-friendly habits and practices by being more conscious of how we use resources.

√ Using less and making the most of what we do use.

√ Specializing in producing thin, strong, flexible packaging material. (metallocene, hybrid stretch PE gloves)

√ Products are non-toxic and recyclable. (all plastic products)

√ Select products produced with a component of recycled materials. (recycled material added upon request)

√ Reclaiming materials from waste products and making into new products. (plastic headers, recycled material in non-food bags upon request)

√ Offering biodegradable products that break down through natural decomposition. (PSM, PLA upon request)

√ Turning off lights and electrical equipment in empty rooms and use programmable thermostats for cooling our offices when occupied



√ Replacing high energy consuming machinery with energy efficient machinery

√ Creating awareness among employees of the need to conserve utilities like electricity, water, and compressed air

√ Opting for multilayer extrusion to produce cost-effective film structures and meeting mutually agreed upon levels of quality

√ Controlling the manufacturing processes to minimize energy consumption

√ Achieving and maintaining optimum output rates

√ Minimizing equipment downtime

√ Maximizing use of natural lighting and ventilation

√ Using renewable energy for general lighting

√ Using sustainable materials wherever appropriate

√ Recycling waste